Lemon Rib bon Studio

About Us

At Lemon Ribbon Studio, we create little packages of imagination; unique, on-trend designs that children, parents and retailers love. And we have great fun doing it! From our studio in London, our team of talented designers produce prints and graphics that sell around the world.

It all started in 2009, when Melanie Bullock and Edward Weale set up a studio in Edward’s parents’ front room. Their different backgrounds – Melanie’s in childrenswear design and Edward’s in the Army – proved complimentary, and the studio quickly grew in size and reputation. We've had our difficulties, including losing Mel to cancer in 2014, but we're proud to have developed into one of the world's best youth-focused design studios. And we're hungry for more.

You don’t have to spend long with us to realise that we love what we do. And why wouldn’t we? When work is this enjoyable, it doesn’t really feel like work at all. We build great relationships with our clients, consistently spot trends, and produce designs that sparkle with energy and originality. Little packages of imagination – from us to you!