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Fashion Focus ..... Lilac Love

August 23, 2021

We are loving all the shades of lilac in the studio ... check out these cute colour combos!

1. Mini Rodini   2. Young Soles   3. Lindex

Copyright of Mini Rodini, Young Soles & Lindex

Flash Trend .... Naive Creatures

June 17, 2021
Time to get your crayons out! The cutest creatures with a naive feel and full of fun1. Guimo Studio   2. Jana Schell   3. MIN PIN   4. Marcello Velho.   5. Ekaterina Trukhan.  6. Abigail Burch

Spring Styles

April 19, 2021

Spring is here and we have a spring in our steps because we can finally go shopping.  WOO! 

Here are some of our favourite styles this season. 

1. Bonton2. Ketiketa3. Scotch & Soda   4. Rylee + Cru5. Zara

Fashion Focus ..... I Heart You

March 15, 2021
Our heartbeats are racing for these fresh new heart prints. From fun heart shapes to flowing all over prints ... we heart them all!
1. Bonton   2. Stella McCartney   3. Wouf

Flash Trend .... Wonderful Wings

February 15, 2021

Butterflies have made a comeback and what a beautiful refresh!

1. Numero 74.   2. Nature Supply.   3. Emma Bridgewater.   4. Urban Outfitters   5. Lemon Ribbon Studio 

February Calendar

February 2, 2021

Sending lots of love to everybody this February!


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Flash Trend .... You Are What You Eat

January 11, 2021

It's the month of the detox! Happy and healthy vibes to start off the year!

1. Loud Snaps Creative   2. Design By Emma3. OEUF4. Carolyn Suzuki   5. La Tribu De Mami    6 . Lemon Ribbon Studio 

Fashion Focus .... Sparkle At Home

December 15, 2020

Being at home won't stop a little sparkle! We absolutely love this relaxed wintery style.

1. Zara Kids.  2. Donsje.  3. Soft Gallery

Flash Trend ..... Daisy Days

November 16, 2020
We have been seeing daisies for days as they keep growing in the trend charts. We have hand picked some of our favourites below! 
1. Little Bean   2. Meri Meri   3. LR Studio   4. Milk x Soda   5. Ouef NYC   6. The Animals Observatory

Colour Club ..... Burnt Orange & Night Sky

October 26, 2020

Autumn has inspired our Colour Combo this month!
1. Jellymallow   2. Mado   3. Bobo Choses   4. Sticky Lemon   5. LR Studio

Flash Trend .... BOO - TIFUL

October 12, 2020
Trick or treat!

It's 2020 and things just got a bit spookier! 

1. Hamlin Row2. Meri Meri3. Fem Fetti4. Lemon Ribbon Studio.  5. Lauren Conrad    5. Lemon Ribbon Studio

Fashion Focus .... Hair Game Strong

September 14, 2020

Flash Trend ..... Back to School

August 3, 2020
School's out for summer!
Heading back to school in September may feel very different this year, however it hasn't stopped us checking out the fun stuff from some lovely kids labels. We've got together some of our favourite bags to keep the kids looking too cool for school!

1. Jojo Factory   2. Engel   3. Donsje   4. Olli Ella   5. Nobodinoz   6. Bobo Choses

Colour Club ..... Sugar & Spice

July 13, 2020

We're a lover of a bright, punchy contrast in our Colour Combo Club here at LR Studio. And this time we have plumped for a chilli red and sweet pink. What's not to like?!

1. Les Petites Vandales   2. Mini Rodini   3. Banana Valentine   4. LR Studio   5. Bodil Jane x Papier

Flash Trend ..... Enjoy the Little Things

June 15, 2020

Our homes have become a place where we have learnt to express ourselves. Whether we have learnt to bake, taken some time to read that book we've been meaning to, been doing home workouts or tending to plants both inside and out. It's always good to stand back and appreciate the little things.

1. Chloe Smart   2. Martha Ratcliff   3. Mini Style Mag / Sleeping Makes Me Hungry   4. LR Studio   5. LR Studio   6. Bowe & Burt

Fashion Focus .... Lounge Around

May 11, 2020

We hope everyone is staying safe and well, and not going too crazy in these strange days. Loungewear has now become a wardrobe staple and for boys it's simple and bold.

1. Mum of Six   2. Mini Malisma   3. Little Borne

Flash Trend ..... Sunny Daze

April 13, 2020

We are in a daze with all the sunny loveliness out there at the minute!

1. Eloise Ptito-Echeverri   2. Ava Victoria   3. Milena Marcia   4. Codie O'Connor   5. Lemon Ribbon Studio   6. Takeawei Ceramics

Flash Trend ..... Save Our Planet

February 17, 2020

With children all over the world striking for climate change, caring for the planet is a key theme for kids apparel.

1. Tina Schulte   2. Lemon Ribbon Studio   3. Haus of Boys   4. Fresh Dinosaurs   5. Zara   6. Lemon Ribbon Studio

Colour Club ..... Mustard & Ketchup

February 3, 2020

Add a bit of colour to the winter days with some mustard and ketchup! 

1. Mini Rodini   2. Hiller Good   3. Bobo Choses   4. Tiny Cottons   5. Lemon Ribbon Studio

February Calendar

January 31, 2020

Spice up your tech with this months wallpaper!

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